The D N Baron Collection is a collection of around 200 5.25" floppy discs, which was obtained from the charity stall at the Wakefield RISC-OS Computer Club (WROCC) Show in 2018.

The collection is mostly science-based and administration-based and includes many titles authored by D N Baron, who was a science teacher employed in the Leeds area.

Included in the collection are a number of worksheets and databases. The worksheets are mostly View documents although a number are in Wordwise and Inter-Word format. The databases are all in Viewstore format and appear to have been written for Leeds City Council for their school monitoring programme and as such contain sensitive information. These databases have been archived to preserve the historical record but will not be released.

Many commercial titles were included including a whole series of ROM-based software to help with identification of organisms in Science. These were by a company called New Concept Software.

There is a large section of VELA software.

2018 - 2021