Archive News 2021


Early January has been a busy time at the Archive. Some of the outstanding copies of Micro-Scope have been scanned and added to the archive. They include issues 39 (Summer 1993) to 41 (Spring 1994).

Thanks to Tom Moffat, who contacted the Archive recently and offered to loan a mass of missing titles he had rescued from a skip at his school when they were being thrown away due to the progress of IBM PC clones in the early 1990s. It will be a major job to archive these titles.

First off the mark is the addition of the documentation for the AVP titles , Physics (CYG010) - Measurement - Interestingly the disk was numbered CYG004 in the catalogue, (This documentation was badly 'corroded' due to sticky ink peeling onto the opposing page and needed significant 'tidying up'.), and Trigonometry (COM115). Documentation was also added for the Find Database from HUMMEC along with the original master disks.

The following titles were also added;

  • DCIRC from Pavic Publications which is a simple electronic circuit designer.
  • Teletext Pack, an early title from Beebug, which is designed to allow easy creation of MODE7 displays.
  • Tech Tracker from British Nuclear Fuels plc, a time travel adventure in which the player must rescue scientists.
  • Power Plan from British Nuclear Fuels, which gives the chance to run a virtual nuclear reactor.
  • Design and Technology Part 1 by BBCSoft a set of technology programs along with accompanying audio tapes.
  • Design and Technology Part 2 by BBCSoft a set of CAD, Business and Computing simulations and games.
  • Several titles from Linear Graphics Limited; these titles are designed to work with the Plotmate pen plotter;
    • LinChart, a bar/pie chart program to work with a Plotmate plotter.
    • Graph Fit, a program to fit experimental data to the correct graph.
    • LinSign, a utility to produce banners with large letters.
  • Lib-CAD from OWL Microsystems, a simple CAD program that works with a plotter.

There are still many titles from this loan left to add to the archive.


Latest updates include the following AVP titles;

  • Graph Sketching - draws graphs of exemplar or user-defined equations.
  • Kinetic Theory (COM160) - virtual experiments investigating aspects of kinetic theory.
  • Logic Gates - design and test circuits made from logic gates.
  • Timing Package - a collection of timing programs using either the keyboard or switches.
  • Statistical Tools - a set of programs to perform statistical analysis of experimental data.
  • Engine and Transmission - animated explanations of how an engine and gearbox work.

Welcome to the year 2021!

Issue 38 of the MAPE members' magazine Micro-Scope has been added.

Whilst cataloguing some of the vast number of floppy disk images held by the Archive a missing title from Sherston Software was discovered. This was Jolly Jack Tar, an animated series of lessons and quizzes aimed at teaching music theory to young children. This was a copy of the original disk and had been 'hacked' to remove the quite sophisticated protection used by this title.

Updates also include the following AVP titles;

  • Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine (COM170),
  • Electricity 1 - a series of questions about simple electric circuits,
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