Published by: Linear Graphics Ltd
Produced by: Linear Graphics Ltd
Subject: Computer Science
Age Range: 9 - Adult
Format: 5.25 in 80 Track DFS disc
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128
Original Price: Unknown
First released: Unknown
Protection: None


This is the driver software for the Plotmate A4 plotter. The plotter is driven from the user port.

More information about the plotter can be found here.

Program: Plotmate A4 drivers
Language: Machine Code
Programmer: Unknown
Genre: Computer Science

Included are the RAM based drivers and a copy of the ROM (ROM courtesy of SimonSideburns on the StarDot forum).

The original A4 plotter drivers disc is still MIA. The included one is one that has been partly reconstructed by the archive.

The ROM driver appears to be very scarce.

The manual in the download covers both the RAM-based drivers and the ROM drivers and has been re-typeset by the Archive from a similar digital copy downloaded from the internet.


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