Published by: Capital Media
Produced by: Capital Media
Subject: Literacy
Age Range: 7 - 19
Format: 5.25 in 40 Track DFS disc
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128
Original Price: Unknown
First released: 1985
Protection: None


Reconstruct the text shown on the screen where all the letters are hidden. Letters may be bought to help you work out the text.

One of the all time greats of educational software.

Program: Developing Tray
Language: BASIC
Programmer: Bob Moy
Genre: Literacy

Try to recreate the text shown on the screen. Punctuation is shown. You can buy letters to help you. Designed for a group of students to use at a time.

Also includes a program to create the text to reconstruct.

This was one of the seminal learning programs of the 80s.


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