A collection of discs of Teletext pages for use with BBC microcomputers..

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Created for Ashby Primary School, a demonstration Teletext system.



Created for North Riding College, a demonstration Teletext system.



MAPE - Bulletin
A Teletext bulletin system from MAPE. It is found on MAPE Tape IV.



BeebFAX BBC @ 30
Pages from 1981 in celebration of the BBC micro being 30 years old.



BeebFAX 1982
Teletext pages from 1982.



BeebFAX 1983
Teletext pages from 1983.



BeebFAX 1984
Teletext pages from 1984



BeebFAX 1985
Teletext pages from 1985



Satellite Images 1988

A collection of weather satellite pictures from 1988. Best viewed in MODE1 on a black and white monitor.


piFAX 2024
This is a display program for the BeebFAX images. It will work on RISCOS machines and the BBC Master computer either under ADFS or NFS. The download includes both variants, the BeebFAX images and the necessary indices.

This is a prototype. *CONFIGURE NOSCROLL is needed on the host machine.

piFAX 2024 ADFS images
Two  ADFS archived images. These will work in a BBC emulator or from a GOTEK drive on a real machine.
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