Archive News 2022


The latest software uploaded includes;

  • A disc of funky Christmas Carols added to the Oddments --> Music section,
  • Documentation for the Z80 Co-Processor added to the Oddments --> Hardware section,
  • LabelMaster, from Calderdata,
  • Library System, a simple list of books,
  • Musical Terms, a revision program,
  • Halley's Comet, from the School of Physics and Astronomy at Lancashire Polytechnic.

The latest software uploaded includes;

  • Logic Device Information, providing pin outs of common computer chips of the day,
  • Amateur Radio Logbook,
  • Melek, from MicaSOFT, an electronics course,
  • A homework disc for a pupil called Nanette,
  • Taddlecot Relief Road, an amateur title about making a relief road; incomplete attempt,
  • The Development Version of Tessellations from Cambridge Micro Software,
  • Added Integrex Colour Jet routines to the Oddments --> Hardware section,
  • French Disc 2 from DESC,
  • French Connections, by Cambridge Micro Software,
  • Derbyshire German Disc 1, from DESC, a third party copy that is missing some files.

Updated various programs to change Modern Foreign Languages to either French or German.


The latest software uploaded includes;

  • Added Pendown fonts and Signwriter fonts,
  • Phraseflash, from FACT,
  • Voltmace Delta 14 Joystick drivers, to the Oddments --> Hardware section,
  • A number of programming and graphic utilities to the Oddments --> Programming section,
  • Data Harvest Digital Camera drivers, to the Oddments --> Hardware section,
  • Cunning Running, from Australia based Jacaranda, added the documentation from a kind donation by Alan Laughton, himself from Australia,

From a loan of a number of tape-based packages from one of our readers, Keith Franklin;

  • Algebra, from Ampalsoft, one of the O-Level Maths revision series; This was supplied on cassette tape and proved very difficult to archive, needing three different tape players to read the tape for the Algebra 1 program,

A new book added to the Books section, Let Your BBC Micro Teach You to Program, from a kind donation by Alan Laughton.


The latest software uploaded includes;

  • Homework System VI by ACT. A compilation of 20 literacy programs,
  • Larycord, something to do with Laryngographs from Trafford Computing. This seems more medical than educational.
  • Bondstar, a shooting number bond game from Fisher-Marriott,

From a loan of a number of tape-based packages from one of our readers, Keith Franklin;

  • Sheepdog, a simple direction-giving game from Longman,
  • Number Rally, from Longman a simple maths game,
  • Jigsaw Puzzle, from the Ega Beva range of educational software,
  • Paddington's Problem Picture, from Collins Software,
  • Reading Pack 2, from HS Software; added documentation and a cover scan,
  • Sprite Utilities, from Bebbugsoft,
  • Mailist, from Gemini Marketing, a simple mailing list program,
  • Share Analyser, from Synergy Software.

Also added the manuals for Inform 2 and Inform+ from Nottinghamshire County Council. These were loaned by StarDot member Dave Footit - a big thanks thanks to Dave.

Corrected some errors in the download links for software.


The latest software uploaded includes;

  • Number Stories from Drake Educational Associates,
  • Selection Tasks a literacy package from NELP (North East London Polytechnic),
  • Picture Book, an early years package from Triple R Education,
  • Billboard from Beebug, a text message display program,
  • Gap Filler from the Frenchay Aphasia Computer Team,

The Archive was contacted recently by Simon N Goodwin, one of the more prolific authors for the Computing Today magazine. Simon kindly gave the Archive permission to continue hosting his articles and also loaned his personal copies of Computing Today for July, September and October 1985 so that they may be archived. Simon's website,, gives further information on his articles that were written for a range of computer magazines, his interests and work.


The latest software uploaded includes;

  • A collection of Adult Basic Education titles from Peter Davy. These are probably from Peter's personal collection and came from a recent eBay sale. Thanks also to billcarr2005 on the StarDot forum for sending discs 26 and 26 plus the 'Talking Disc'.

Also added the original manual for the UK101.

The Author page has been updated to show how many programs written by an author are in the Archive.


The latest software uploaded includes;

  • Coins from Cambridge Educational Computing,
  • Community Programme, a collection of two literacy programs from the MEP,
  • First Steps, a couple of programs for pre-reader children,
  • Reality Orientation by ROSE Software, a NORDIS title; absolutely no idea what this is!
  • Money Set, a collection of money programs for very young children; concept keyboard compatible,

Also added are two books, courtesy of manicminer from the StarDot Forum. These are The Book of Listings and  The Second Book of Listings.


It has been a while since the last update.

This time we have added Clock Set 1 -3 from Nordis Software, exercises on telling the time.

Following contact by Lyndhurst girls' STEM Club a Computing History link has been added. This gives information on Charles Babbage and further links to Computing History pages.


Added recently;

  • News Line, a teleprinter simulation from B J Software,
  • Word Spinner from GSN Software,
  • 4 Families in Bangladesh, an Action Aid title,
  • Add Programs (Set 3), from Nordis,
  • Add Programs (Set 4), from Nordis,

This brings the total number of different educational programs held to over 3,500. It is getting harder now to find programs that have not yet been archived but they are out there. We still have several hundred discs and disc images to catalogue and check.


Added recently;

  • Fuzzbuzz a copule of literacy programs,
  • General Primary Set 2 - an amateur compilation,
  • Leeds Into LOGO - LOGO drivers for the Jessop Turtle,
  • Look and Listen, a SEMERC literacy title for range of input devices,
  • Cloze from ECL,
  • Primary Disc 3 a compilation of programs from various sources; added the Archive menu to link all the programs together.

Added recently;

  • AidFAX a Teletext based program authoring tool for teachers,
  • Touch Basics from Brilliant Computing.

The Archive has been to the WROCC 2022 Show at the Cedar Court Hotel in Bradford. It was good to see old friends again and catch up. The public turn out was somewhat disappointing though the Archive did meet several enthusiasts for educational software. The Raspberry Pi project was well received. Thanks to WROCC for hosting the show.



The latest additions include;

  • A compilation of programs for young children created for the John Watson School,
  • Qwerty/Aphabetic Typing Test,
  • A Sample Disc fro Nordis Industries,
  • An Amateur title, Speak, an aid to reading,
  • Switch Games 2 from Compaid,
  • More disc images for Touch Explorer Plus,
  • Big Match, sorting games for the Microvitec Touch Screen from Brilliant Computing.

The latest updates are;

  • From a donation by Elaine Milner
    • A Disc Cloner, Solo, added to the Oddments-Utilities section,
    • SpeedRead 1 and SpeedRead 3 from Daco Software,
    • Slide Show from BeebugSoft,
    • Timetabling from Hutchinson.

The latest updates are;

  • Added the separate programs for the Dudley Exploration package. Thanks to billcarr2005 from StarDot Forums for hacking the protected tapes.
  • From a donation by Elaine Milner
    • A Geography title from Bradford Software Library,
    • MEP discs of Problems and Investigations,
    • The original version of Branch from MEP,
    • Remember and Spell from Golem Software,
    • An amateur compilation called Pairs,
    • An amateur compilation called Kanga which includes the new program of the same name,
    • Two Musical Christmas cards added to the Oddments-Music section,
    • Software for the book 132 Short Programs for the Mathematics Classroom added to the Books page,
    • A Slide Show presentation on Mathematics teaching by Anita Straker.

The latest updates are;

  • A MAPE Focus Pack on Thinking Skills,
  • From a donation by Elaine Milner
    • Contex Spreadsheet, a disc-based spreadsheet from Contex Computing,
    • Data File Manager from Dialog Software,
    • Display Data from the MEP,
    • DIYBase Database Author, from the MEP,
    • Ginn Mathematics Level 4; check out the Remainder game on the disc,
    • Ginn Mathematics Level 5,
    • Ginn Mathematics Level 6,
    • Ginn Mathematics Level 7,
    • A compilation of programs from the micro-SMILE First 30 Programs,
    • Flight, a simulation from BBCsoft,
    • Disc Flower Search, a database of facts about British wild flowers from MEP,
    • A customised version of Front Page,
    • Grid References from the Computer Education Centre Kingston,
    • A collection of Telsoft Geography Programs,

There has been a big update to the website over the past weeks.

  • Items from the Stuart Duke donation have comprised the majority of items added;
    • Some more RISC-OS educational titles,
    • Summer 1999 MAPE Newsletter,
    • Micro-Scope Special Edition magazines,
    • Exploration and Food, two titles from Dudley LEA; thanks to billcarr2005 from StarDot for the conversion from tape to disc,
    • Updated documentation for ASK Podd,
    • Updated MAPE TAPE 5,
    • Orb of Zalibar, a Grass database adventure,
    • The Kingdom of Helior, an adventure from Longman,
    • A MAPE Software Disc,
    • Branch, a branching database on the MEP Project Work Disc,
    • Another disc in the Front Page set.
    • The booklet Mathematics through Databases,
  • Two titles from the SMDP - Catch and Drover.
  • The documentation for ASK/Acornsoft Number Gulper was also added. This was from a donation from a retired teacher in Leeds.

Continuing to add items from the Stuart Duke donation;

  • added the missing Micro-Scope magazines, issues 12 - 23 ,
  • Updated the Ginn title, Round the World,
  • Included some RISC-OS educational titles,
  • Added documentation for Into Europe '92, from MAPE

Following a generous donation by Stuart Duke, West Midlands MAPE committee member and sometime author for Micro-Scope the following titles have been added to the archive;

  • MAPE magazines,
  • some of the missing Micro-Scope magazines,
  • Micro-Scope special edition magazines,
  • MAPE Newsletters,
  • The Cambridge Micro Software version of FactFile,
  • an update to the entry for the Ginn version of Expedition to Saqqara,
  • Treasure Islands, an adventure from Ginn,
  • an update to the Suburban Fox by Ginn; this adds all the documentation,
  • Pre-Reading Pack from ESM,
  • Ramayana Tales, from BBCSoft, a story writing package.

Added the following titles to the archive;

  • Information about Micro Mike in the Oddments - Hardware section. These notes are in Interword format,
  • An Inventories disc in Interword format to the Oddments - Miscellaneous section,
  • Malcom+, a switch-operated simple word processor,
  • Castle Pack, from Resource complete with documentation; identical to the MEP title,
  • More MAPE Newsletters
  • The MAPE website from 2001.

Added the following titles to the archive;

  • Helping with Spelling from Dorset County Psychological Service,
  • Circuit Designer from Paean Systems,
  • Infant Farmer from CSH - updated the documentation image,
  • Magic Story Maker from Mirrorosoft - thanks to billcarr2005 for the archive.

More MAPE magazine issues have been added to the Magazines section.

 The following were added to the Oddments-Utilities section.

  • A raw archive of discs from Netherhall School.

Added the HP-41C printer refurbishment in the Calculators section.

Replaced several orphan links in the main archive.


Added the following titles from the History of Computing Museum collection to the archive;

  • Graphic Calculus, a compilation of Graphic Calculus 1 & 2,
  • Newsagent Accounts from MEP, a simulation,

More MAPE Special Editions and Newsletters have been added to the Magazines section.

 The following were added to the Oddments-Utilities section.

  • A NERIS file extractor,
  • The utilities disc for the RAMROM 15 board,

A !Genesis presentation, !Somme was added to the RISCOS Education section. This was produced by Netherhall School.


Added some more MAPE Special Edition scans and some MAPE Newsletter scans.

A review for the TI-59 was added to the Calculators section.

Made the following additions to the Oddments section;

  1. The software for the book Creative Graphics from Acornsoft,
  2. The system disc for Acornsoft C

Added the following titles from the History of Computing Museum collection to the archive;

  • Early Blue File Programs, a compilation for early years special schools in the midlands area,
  • Ecology Software Discs from Ecosoft,
  • Bike Ride from Cambridge Micro Software,
  • Computer Studies Disc 1, an amateur compilation,
  • Datastat from Garland Computing,
  • A version of Fillets and Billets made for Netherhall School added to the download for this program already in the archive.

Another donation from stevei2791 from the StarDot forums provided the following titles, a set of software discs from Cambridge University Press to complement the SMP 16-19 teaching scheme;

  • Real Functions and Graphs,
  • Statistics: Living with Uncertainty,
  • Statistics: Normal Distribution and Probability.



The Archive was recently contacted by programmer Steve Barrett, who wrote titles for Paean Systems. He donated a number of original discs of material that he produced for Paean. Thanks for that, Steve. Some of the titles were never released. The full collection of discs has been added to the Oddments-Archives section.

Steve's titles added to the Archive include;

  • Micro Artist, a full-featured, joystick-controlled graphics package,
  • Character Definer, design your own characters or blocks of characters,
  • GX Design, a graphical electronic circuit designer,
  • Pontoon an implementation of the card game (unpublished).

Latest additions include;

  • The manuals for Katie's Garden, Touch Funfair and Touch Games 2 from Brilliant Computing,
  • Advertising material for Acornsoft, Beebug and BT,
  • Fun School 3 (Over 7s) to the RISCOS Educational section,
  • Healthdata a medical viewdatabase,
  • A Viewdatabase page in the Oddments section.

Latest additions include;

  • Christmas Caption, a Christmas card maker from SEMERC,
  • Add Disc Four from NORDIS, a collection of colourful adding games for young children,
  • MJP - Weather Station,
  • Curriculum Analysis Software Database shows on which disc curriculum software is,
  • Click from BECC,
  • CommunITel Viewdata Level 2 to the CommunITel download,
  • Compact from Derek Harrison, a special needs program,
  • Switch Games 1 from Compaid, a collection of switch-controlled arcade style games.

Updates to the Oddments section include;

  1. Musical Snowmen playing a selection of Christmas carols,

Latest additions include;

  • Control IT, computer control from the London Borough of Barnet,
  • CV and Letter of Application Processor from Careersoft,
  • Padlock, a Microtext presentation about making a padlock,
  • Stories Suite from Pagesoft,
  • Typing from Computer Concepts
  • Adventure Training Skills and Personal Accounting, trial discs of Microtext programs from Whitbread's Youth Training Scheme,
  • P L Graphics, a CAD system from B S Dolamore Ltd,
  • The Account Book from Apricot Studios

Updates to the Oddments section include;

  1. The Acorn User Gallery Disc, a collection of graphics screens,
  2. Demonstration CAD programs for the Grafpad,
  3. A set of support discs for a BASIC programming course on the Master

Latest additions include;

  • Using Disc Drives with the BBC Micro from Namebug, a tutorial,
  • More German Games from AVP,
  • Pen Down Extra, from Logotron,
  • Pen Down Utilities from Logotron,
  • Top Class, a presentation package from Format PC,
  • Wulfstan's Wordhoard from ESM.

Updates to the Oddments section include;

  1. C: A Dabhand Guide the disc of the book in the Programming section,
  2. Disc User magazine discs for January and August 1987,
  3. Fast Access magazine discs Volume 1 issues 1 - 6,
  4. An Acorn User Graphics Utilities disc,
  5. MOS: A Dabhand Guide the disc of the book in the Programming section,
  6. The Micro User magazine discs from 1989 to 1992, various issues.

Latest additions include;

  • Layout, a PCB design program from Micro Interfaces,
  • Choices, a lifestyle questionnaire from Trotman & Co Ltd,
  • Data Processing: A First Course from Pitmansoft,
  • Harris Dobby Design System for weaving designs,
  • Story Writer a MEP program published by ESM.

Updates to the Oddments section include;

  1. The Edword 2 Release Disc in the Applications section,
  2. A disc of Plotter Drivers for PL Graphics files in the Hardware section.

Latest additions include;

  • The BIME Phone Tutor, which teaches how to use a telephone,
  • Cambridge Questionnaire from CSH, design and analyse questionnaires,
  • The Kite, reading software from Carron,
  • Using Rebus from Haringey Special Needs Computer Centre,
  • Fun with Fibre, a nutrition program from Queen Margaret College,
  • The Animal Pack, a two disc collection of activities about animal classification from Haringey,

Oddments updates include;

  • The Cumana Touch Pad software has been updated in the hardware section,
  • A collection of disc copiers was added to the utilities section

Latest additions include;

  • Discs from Wakefield District College;
    • Adult Literacy Group Disc 2,
    • Adult Basic Education Numeracy Disc,
    • Adult Basic Education Disc 1,
  • Rebus 2 from Haringey Special Needs Computer Centre, a symbolic communications program,
  • Science Topics - Relationships from BBCSoft, a Malaria control simulation,
  • A demonstration disc from Toxteth Education College Software.

Latest additions include;

  • An update to the Plotmate documentation and software and Lintrack PCB design software courtesy of ChrisO from StarDot,
  • Beans on Toast, a simulation of cooking beans on toast!
  • Controller from the Walsall LOGO Project, a user port controller in LOGO,
  • House from NORDIS Software,
  • How We Used to Live 1936 - 1953, from Yorkshire Television,
  • Joystick Games 3 from Brilliant Computing,
  • Maths Page, a mathematical presentation package,
  • Nursery Rhymes from Carron Software.

In the Oddments section;

  • Graphics Demos 1 a disc of BBC micro graphics demonstration programs,
  • A BBC micro fitness tester,
  • Cumana Touch Pad Disc.

Latest additions include;

  • Explore a Fantasy an adventure application for Touch Explorer Plus from NCET,
  • Tracking, a touch screen program from Widgit,
  • What's That Picture from Surrey LEA; a different version from the SEMERC title,
  • A StarDot Compilation Disc of educational, productivity and utility programs,
  • Theory of Music tests.

Additions to the Oddments section include;

  • Soundspace from Hybrid Systems,
  • View: A Dabhand Guide software disc to accompany the book by Bruce Smith,
  • Viewsheet Decoder, a set of programs to extract data from Viewsheet screens,

Welcome 2022

Latest additions include;

  • Gas Billing System, from Addison-Wesley,
  • Dataprobe, a command driven database from Addison-Wesley,
  • Amateur Radio Logbook from Technical Software,
  • A to Z from IEC Software,
  • Video Maths Pack 1, from Central Independent Television,
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar from SEMERC,
  • Concept Keyboard Software from Brilliant Computing,
  • Count with BLOB from Widgit Software,
  • Hangman from MP Software courtesy of Lurkio from StarDot,
  • Flash Cards from Brilliant Computing,
  • LEGO Dacta Data Software disc,
  • LEGO Lines master control program disc,
  • LGI Switch On from Brilliant Computing,
  • MicroMike Programs compiled by Manchester SEMERC,
  • Number Programs from Northamptonshire County Council,
  • Paintbrush, a graphics program to work with the Robin Light Pen,
  • Screen Thief from North West SEMERC.

Posted a download for 8-Bit Magazine and several copies of Disk User magazine discs in the Oddments section.

 Halley's Comet
 Lancashire Polytechnic
  3724 programs
  1577 packages
  356 publishers
 Administration 49
 Adventure 96
 Art 45
 Biology 149
 Business 54
 Chemistry 190
 Classics 1
 Computer Science 203
 Design and Technology 52
 Economics 18
 Electronics 8
 English 65
 French 29
 Gardening 2
 General Purpose 161
 Geography 119
 German 17
 History 44
 Literacy 466
 Mathematics 1179
 Modern Foreign Languages 7
 Music 42
 Navigation 1
 Office Skills 4
 Personal and Social Education 29
 Physical Education 5
 Physics 129
 Problem solving 128
 Science 55
 Sociology 1
 Special Needs 291
 Training 4

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