A collection of programs and information to help/assist using BBC micro applications.

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Using Wordwise Plus
A collection of files to support the book "Using Wordwise Plus".
Wordwise Plus Programming Ideas
A collection of programs for Wordwise Plus produced by Norwich Computer Services.
VELA Analysis Suite
A collection of programs to allow the analysis of data gathered from a VELA interface unit.
Viewstore Elements Database
A chemical database of elements in Viewstore format.
View Professional
Support files and the two ROMs for View Professional.
Interbase Examples Disc
A copy of the support disc that came with Computer Concept's Inter-Base ROM.
PMS NTQ System Disc
Permanent Memory System's Near Letter Quality printing system for Epson dot-matrix printers. This system would allow a basic, Epson-compatible, dot-matrix printer to output high quality text in a variety of font styles. Included were a number of fonts, a font designer, the System ROM, a program to compile custom Font ROMs and a selection of Font ROMs, including Russian characters.
Wordwise Plus Handbook Disc
The disc of programs to accompany "The Complete Wordwise Plus Handbook" from Norwich Computer Services.
An enhancement to View 3.0 especially designed for the Master series of computers.
View: A Dabhand Guide 
The disc of programs and utilities to accompany the book by Bruce Smith, 'View: A Dabhand Guide".
Viewsheet Decoder 
This disc contains programs to extract data from Viewsheet screens and perform linear regression on the data. This is based on an idea from Beebug magazine.
Edword2 Release Disc
This disc contains data and templates to support the ROM-based educational word processer, Edword 2.
Predictype 3.0
A predictive text application that works with the major BBC micro word processors of the day.
Ultracalc Utilities
Utilities for use with the Ultracalc2 spreadsheet ROM from BBC Enterprises.
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