A collection of raw disc archives. These archives have been donated/obtained as physical collections of floppy discs. The discs were converted to digital images and are presented here. Some of the contents appear in the main educational archive. These disc images are the raw files collected and may include items not in the main archive. In almost all cases the original discs are in the Centre for Computing History collection at Cambridge.


This is a collection of ROM images that have been collected from a variety of sources. Many are indexed in the ROM images page of the website. Others have not been included or are minor variants of ROMs already archived.
Bill Olivier Communitel Archive
This includes the development stages in the production of the CommunITel Viewdata package. This contains a wealth of programming ideas and commercial software.
J W Bishop collection
Another donation of educational software and other items.
WROCC 2018 collection
A huge number of discs was obtained from the charity stall at the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club meeting in 2018. These were from the collection of Derek Baron, a prolific programmer, writing for Longman and BBCSoft. Not only does this archive include educational material but there are many games and ROM images.

The physical collection is in the Centre for Computing History collection at Cambridge

Ashby Primary School collection
Over 250 images of floppy discs from Ashby Primary School.
Riverside collection
A collection of over 100 discs from the Riverside Teachers' Centre originally set up in Fife.
Rob collection
A collection of over 30 discs. The raw archive includes a lot of discs requiring the ATS ROM and a Teletext adapter
Tom Moffat collection
A collection of over nearly 70 discs that included many MIA titles. These mostly came from the Girvan Academy in Ayrshire.
Steve Barrett collection
A collection of educational and games software written for Paean Systems. This archive includes several unreleased titles.
Netherhall School collection
Collected from the Centre for Computing History, an archive of software from Netherhall School. These were 3rd party discs and compilations produced by the school.
Elaine Milner collection
Elaine is a retired primary school teacher. The donation included many missing titles and several pieces of documentation which were missing from the Archive.
Peter Davy collection
Peter was a prolific writer of Adult Basic Education programs for the Wakefield District College during the late 1980s and early 1990s. This is a collection of his work.
C J Richardson collection
A collection of PD software from the 8-Bit collection.
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