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Commotion Control Box
The Commotion Control Box was produced by Deltronics, a company producing a range of control boxes for a variety of computers.

This box provides 8 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs. Inputs accept TTL level inputs. The outputs are at either 6v or 9v, switchable, at up to 500mA each.

This box was produced for use with BBC micros and Archimedes computers fitted with a user port interface.

Control Box page
BBC cable connectionsComtrol User Guide
Archimedes User Port GuideHouse Model Guide
CoCo+ Getting StartedCoCo+ Software
CoCo Manual

Economatics Smart Box
Economatics produced many interface devices for the BBC micro and other computers during the 1980s and 1990s. The Smart Box was a general purpose analogue and digital interface box to which could be attached a range of sensors.

Custom software (Smart Move) was uploaded to the Smart Box and then programmed to control the inputs and outputs. In this way data loggers could be built for a range of applications.

PC User Guide   Serial Command Protocols   Analogue Socket pin-outs
Update letter   Smart Move for DOS   Serial lead pin-outs
Archimedes, Apple, BBC, Nimbus and PC User Guide courtesy of the RM/Nimbus Educational Archive

The Smart Box SB-01 page

Linear Graphics Plotmate A4
This is an A4 plotter produced for the BBC micro and driven via the User Port. The device responds to the normal graphics commands of the computer, eg. MOVE and DRAW.

The plotter drivers are either ROM-based or can be loaded from disk.

It uses standard felt-tipped plotter pens. The paper is held down on the plotter by strips of magnetic rubber.

PIP Programmable Floor Robot
PIP is a standalone, programmable floor robot. Programming is done through the lower keypad and programs comprise a simple LOGO-like set of instructions to move the robot. PIP can also play simple monotonic tunes.

Programs may be uploaded to or downloaded from a BBC micro through the User Port.

The PIP page is here.

The PIP instruction manual    The PIP song book
PIP customisation     Quick start guide

PIP software
PIP program editor software    Documentation   Key strip

Microvitec Touchtec 501
The control software for this touch screen add-on to the Microvitec Cub monitor
Watford Pen Pal light pen
The control software for this light pen. The software needs a CRT monitor to work correctly. It will NOT work with a LCD monitor.
Beasty Servo Control
The control software for the Beasty servo control system
The control software for the WS2000 MODEM
Valiant Turtle Control Program
The control software for the Valiant floor turtle
Morley EPROM Blower v2.02

Software to control the Morley EPROM blower. Version 2.02.

The startup disc for Soundspace for the Hybrid music systems. The Ample ROM is required for use as is suitable hardware.
MCP-40 Demo Disc

Two demonstration programs for the Oric MCP-40 printer.


Cumana Touch Pad

Software supplied with the Cumana Touch Pad, drawing, character design, etc.
PLS Plotter Drivers

Driver software for the Tandy CGP115, the Multipen DigiPlot, the Penman GR1500 and the Parfitt DP025 and DP100 plotters. Will plot PL Graphics picture files loaded from disc.
Grafpad Demo Disc

Demonstration examples for the Grafpad graphics tablet.
Micro Mike Info

An Interword document giving some information about Micro Mike and software packages that use it.
Voltmace Delta 14 Drivers

Driver and support software to get the best from a Voltmace 14 joystick.
Data Harvest Digital Camera

Driver and support software to use the Data Harvest digital camera for the BBC micro.
Integrex Colour Jet Printer

Various programs that use a machine code colour dump routine for the Integrex Colour Jet printer
Z80 Co-processor Documentation

Documentation to assist with using the Z80 Co-processor. Available on-screen or via printer. Produced by Essential Software in 1991.
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