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Gotek Blank Images
The download contains 80 blank formatted images for use with a Gotek Floppy Drive emulator on a BBC micro. These include 40T and 80T single sided images (SSD),  80T double-sided images (DSD) and 640K ADFS images (ADL).

Once used the images can be easily renamed using a personal computer.

Advanced Sideways RAM User Guide - Bruce Smith
A collection of the programs featured in this book by Bruce Smith.
Assembler programs
The two disc images in this collection contain a number of undocumented, simple assembler programs for the BBC micro. They were probably used for teaching 6502 programming at Neath College.
This is the BBC model B+ BASIC 128 system disc released by Acorn. It needs four banks of SWR and so will only work on the B+ 128K or the Master
Sweet Talker Speech Programs
The system disc and some demonstration programs for the BBC micro Sweet Talker speech add-on.
Teaching Computer Control
A spine program and a selection of modules which can be *EXECed into the spine program to provide demonstration control applications. These modules can be used in your own programs
Wordwise Plus Programming Ideas
A collection of programs for Wordwise Plus produced by Norwich Computer Services.
ORAC Cross Assembler
Includes both the Cross-assembler and the graphics extensions disks. Documentation is not included and seems to be essential to the correct use of the program. The Cross-assembler may need a dongle to work.
GXR Example Programs
A collection of example programs for the Acornsoft Graphics Extension ROM (GXR).
Programmer's Utilities 1
A collection of utilities and programming examples for the programmer. The disc includes a wide range of sort routines, a character definer, an Acornsoft speech chip demo program and various BASIC program aids.
Disc-based Assembler
A disc-based assembler for 6502 machine code. Includes support for creating ROM images. Includes the documentation on disc. From the D N Baron collection.
Add A Proc
A disc of procedures which can be merged into your own programs.
C: A Dabhand Guide
The companion disc to the book C: A Dabhand Guide. Contains files referred to in the book.
MOS: A Dabhand Guide
The companion disc to the book MOS: A Dabhand Guide by Dave Atherton, a guide to the Master OS. Contains files referred to in the book.
HMS BASIC Environment
A set of BASIC utility programs, produced by Harris McCutcheon, to aid the programmer.
BASIC on the Master
A set of discs containing programs that go with a BASIC training course for the BBC Master. These are just the exemplar programs.
Acornsoft C System Disc
The system disc for Acornsoft C. Needs four banks of SWR. Master version only.
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