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Gotek Blank Images
The download contains 80 blank formatted images for use with a Gotek Floppy Drive emulator on a BBC micro. These include 40T and 80T single sided images (SSD),  80T double-sided images (DSD) and 640K ADFS images (ADL).

Once used the images can be easily renamed using a personal computer.

Advanced Sideways RAM User Guide - Bruce Smith
A collection of the programs featured in this book by Bruce Smith.
Assembler programs
The two disc images in this collection contain a number of undocumented, simple assembler programs for the BBC micro. They were probably used for teaching 6502 programming at Neath College.
This is the BBC model B+ BASIC 128 system disc released by Acorn. It needs four banks of SWR and so will only work on the B+ 128K or the Master
Sweet Talker Speech Programs
The system disc and some demonstration programs for the BBC micro Sweet Talker speech add-on.
Teaching Computer Control
A spine program and a selection of modules which can be *EXECed into the spine program to provide demonstration control applications. These modules can be used in your own programs
Wordwise Plus Programming Ideas
A collection of programs for Wordwise Plus produced by Norwich Computer Services.
ORAC Cross Assembler
Includes both the Cross-assembler and the graphics extensions disks. Documentation is not included and seems to be essential to the correct use of the program. The Cross-assembler may need a dongle to work.
GXR Example Programs
A collection of example programs for the Acornsoft Graphics Extension ROM (GXR).
Programmer's Utilities 1
A collection of utilities and programming examples for the programmer. The disc includes a wide range of sort routines, a character definer, an Acornsoft speech chip demo program and various BASIC program aids.
Disc-based Assembler
A disc-based assembler for 6502 machine code. Includes support for creating ROM images. Includes the documentation on disc. From the D N Baron collection.
Add A Proc
A disc of procedures which can be merged into your own programs.
C: A Dabhand Guide
The companion disc to the book C: A Dabhand Guide. Contains files referred to in the book.
MOS: A Dabhand Guide
The companion disc to the book MOS: A Dabhand Guide by Dave Atherton, a guide to the Master OS. Contains files referred to in the book.
HMS BASIC Environment
A set of BASIC utility programs, produced by Harris McCutcheon, to aid the programmer.
BASIC on the Master
A set of discs containing programs that go with a BASIC training course for the BBC Master. These are just the exemplar programs.
Acornsoft C System Disc
The system disc for Acornsoft C. Needs four banks of SWR. Master version only.
10 of the Best BASIC Utilities Disc
Ten utilities for BASIC programmers from the Micro User magazine.
Acorn User Graphic Utilities Disc
Graphics utilities taken from the Acorn User magazine.
10 Best Graphics Utilities Disc
Ten utilities for graphics programmers from the Micro User magazine.
A machine code programmer's utility from Dabs Press..
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