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Welcome to the archive of educational software for the BBC micro series of machines. Here you will find the largest on-line collection of downloadable programs designed for use in education on the 8-bit series of computers produced by Acorn during the 1980s.

These machines included the BBC micro model B, the BBC micro model B+, the BBC Master, the BBC Master Compact and the Acorn Electron. Relatively few educational titles were written specially for the Acorn Electron, though some titles in the archive will run quite happily on this machine.

BBC micro model B BBC Master Acorn Electron

The software on this site has been digitally archived in forms that can be easily run on modern emulators. The emulators used for testing this software were BeebEm 4.14, Red Squirrel for RISCOS, BeebJIT and Elkulator 1.0. Physical floppy discs can be re-created by using OmniFlop on a suitable PC with an appropriate floppy drive attached or by using a real BBC micro or Master computer with a Retroclinic Datacentre, Gotek Floppy emulator or one of the MMC/SD card systems which connect via the user port.

The materials contained in this website may be freely downloaded for personal, educational, research and further archival purposes. Individuals and organisations may freely download materials from this website to include in compilations which in turn may be made freely available for the above purposes; in such cases the source of these materials must be acknowledged.

Downloading of materials from this website for individual or corporate profit or reward is expressly forbidden. This activity will infringe the rights of the various copyright holders who have expressly given their permission for their materials to be hosted on this website.

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