A collection of educational and computer related books and pamphlets.
Biology Programs for the BBC Microcomputer
Written in 1983 this book is a collection of a number of Biology programs for the BBC micro. Each program is presented as the listing complete with the relevant theory behind the subject and in many cases examples of test data.

The aim was that teachers of the day would type in the programs and use them to assist their teaching of aspects of their O-Level and A-Level Biology courses.

The programs all have a similarity of structure and use similar programming techniques but are very simply written. The programs illustrate an inefficient programming style and a lack of consideration of the user interface but would be easy to understand and modify by their target audience.

A 40 track DFS image of the programs can be downloaded here.

Granny's Garden Workbook
A substantial, A4-sized student workbook produced by Strathclyde Department of Education to accompany the use of Granny's Garden by 4Mation Educational Resources.

In addition to a host of activities based around Granny's Garden the workbook contains solutions to all the puzzles in the program.

Educational Electronic Experiments
A Mullard Educational Service publication which gathers together 20 educational experiments previously issued as individual pamphlets. Mullard Ltd was a major British employer and manufacturer of valves and other electronic components until the end of the 1980s.

These are constructional projects for teachers and give an insight into the state of electronics at the start of the 1970s. Many of the components used are very difficult to source today.

Islamic Patterns using LOGO
A booklet of ideas and LOGO programs which can be used to draw patterns which feature in Islamic Art.

This was produced by the Walsall LOGO Project. The full package can be downloaded from the main software archive.

The A&B Collection
The Spring 1985 collection of programs from A&B Computing. This includes type-in listings for games, utilities and educational programs.
This is the manual for the BBC Soft Toolbox package. It contains a wealth of ideas and examples for BBC micro programmers and has, therefore, been listed here in its own right.
The Pirates Reading Scheme
Some of the Sheila K McCullagh pirate books from this reading scheme.

These are rapidly becoming sought-after collectors' items, especially if they are in mint or near mint condition. Although fairly readily available to buy on-line several titles appear to be rarer than others.

Not computer related but included because my children loved these books.

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