Here are some reviews of items that the Archive has found to be very useful. The reviews are based on actual tasks performed at the Archive in order to be able to preserve both software and documentation in a digital format.


CZUR ET-24 PRO book and document scanner

This is an overhead scanner (really a digital camera) that produces images at 320dpi. Its main use is for archiving books, magazines and manuals.

The ET-24 is a third generation product in the ET scanner family and shows considerable improvement over its earlier incarnations.

The packaged software is very useful in producing small, searchable PDF files. An excellent feature is that the software works with any JPG images, imported from the Archive's flatbed scanner, for example.


Canon LiDE 400 flat bed scanner

The Archive has used this family of flatbed scanners for many years. It is our scanning workhorse. Its small size and ease of use are highly recommended. The quality of its scans is amazing for a budget scanner.



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