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Archive News 2021


Latest additions include;

  • Radio-Fix, a business game about selling radios; thanks to billcarr2005 from the StarDot forums for the package,

The Tom Moffat archive was added to the Oddments - Archives page. This was from a large number of discs lent to the Archive. They originated from the Girvan Academy.

A new section has been included in the website - Raspberry Pi. This is a project to recreate a school BBC computer CAL network on the Pi.


Latest additions include;

  • Beebug Studio 8, an advanced sequencer,
  • Musician from A & B Computing, a compilation of music programs,
  • Titan an integrated office suite from Mertec.

Latest additions include;

  • Access Maths, a mathematical document designer,
  • Auto-Type, a special needs one-switch word processor,

Reorganised the Oddments - Utilities page and added the Acorn Diagnostics disc.

DoubleView, an add-on for View 3.0 was added to the Oddments - Applications page.

Reorganised the Oddments - Music page and added a large number of discs of BBC music.

Added a mass of Ample format music files to the Oddments - Music page.


Latest additions include;

  • An Airline Reservation Package from SMDP,
  • Acorn User August 1986 cover disc in the Oddments section,
  • Some Telsoft titles;
    • Ordsurv - questions on Ordnance Survey maps,
    • Tesselations - design and tesselate shapes,
    • Oddman - an odd one out program,
  • Geography an amateur confection of two programs testing knowledge of cities, countries, oceans and seas of Europe.
  • The Livingstone Special, an amateur compilation of educational programs and games,
  • Britain, a program to draw an outline map of GB,
  • River Demo, a demonstration program of the BBCSoft River title,
  • Safety in the Home from NWHSC,
  • Pen Down Toolbox from Logotron,
  • Wordsearcher, a SEMERC version of a word search program.

A disc of satellite weather images down loaded from Teletext from 1988 was added to the Oddments-Teletext section.


Courtesy of maniac miner from the StarDot Forums a new version of the disc to accompany the R A Sparkes book, The BBC Microcomputer in Science Teaching, has been added to the Hutchinson publisher section. A copy of this book is now included in the Books area of the website.


Happy Halloween!

Completed adding titles from archives from the Riverside Teacher's Centre in Fife.

  • Desperate Journey from Jordan Hill College in Glasgow, a multipart adventure puzzle,

To the Oddments section were added;

  • A multi-disc Battlestar Galactica story in Wordwise Plus format,
  • The Z88-BBC serial transfer software,
  • Disk Debug and CopyAll - disc copying software,
  • The Riverside collection archive.

Added the final items from the Sid Bricknell collection of titles from Ashby School;

  • French Teacher a compilation of a French tutorial and a teacher's data storage program,
  • *CAT a disc of utilities and programs, pobably from a Teletext download,
  • The Acorn User Education Disc, a collection of educational programs and utilities,
  • Lists from Alan Nixon, a card index database,
  • Nowhere, an adventure story from the Viewbook series,
  • Allsorts from the Post Office - sorting activities,
  • Intro-Prism, Sensing Science and Prism, datalogging packages from NCET,
  • Wordsearch from CustomSoft, a Battleship-type word game,
  • Locate, a database program from CustomSoft,
  • Good Health: Keeping Safe from Central Software,
  • Good Health: Healthy Eating, an adventure from Central Software,
  • Firewise from the Fire Brigade, a database of fire incidents.

The Oddments section has been updated with new additions and a new area for BBC micro magazine cover discs.


The Archive is pleased to announce that with these latest additions it now holds over 3000 different catalogued programs.

Continuing to add items from the Sid Bricknell collection of titles from Ashby School;

  • Added a compilation of type-in programs from A&B Computing Magazine,
  • A Demonstration Disc of Beebug software,
  • Upper School Material.

Also the PMS NTQ system disc and ROMs were added to the Oddments-Applications section.


Continuing to add items from the Sid Bricknell collection of titles from Ashby School; this latest has been a major update;

  • Anita Straker Programs One (A38), a compilation of titles including Angles, a hitherto missing title,
  • General Primary by Anita Straker; includes Three Letters, Sentence Maker and Teach Me, three more missing titles,
  • Weather Station by Arnold-Wheaton (Edward Arnold),
  • Life Disc (A46), a compilation of Maths and Literacy programs,
  • Word Square from MUSE,
  • Wordsquare (A44), a compilation of Maths and Literacy programs, including another missing Anita Straker title - Snap,
  • Ashby Disc A49, a compilation,
  • Adventures, creative writing stimuli for young children from Southway Software,
  • Ashby Disc A50, a mix of maths and games programs,
  • Screen Turtle from ECL, a set of LOGO-like programs,
  • Ashby Fernleaf Disc (A52), an eclectic collection with some MIA titles,
  • Ashby Hotel Disc (A13), a compilation,
  • Ashby Special Disc (A1), a compilation,
  • Ashby Puzzles Disc (A4), a mixed compilation of puzzles,
  • Ashby Turtle Disc (A7), a compilation of ECL programs,
  • Birdland from Aztec Software; this includes sampled birdsong,
  • Ashby Directions Disc (A11), a compilation of programs teaching compass directions,
  • BBCSoft publications, Introducing Biology and River,
  • Ashby Ladybirds (A24) and Ashby Drop (A25) compilations,
  • Password from M P Software,
  • Ashby Password Disc (A26),
  • a Sid Bricknell compilation,
  • Geordie Racer, an adventure program from BBCSoft,
  • Tens and Units, a missing Sherston title,
  • Waterways Canal System, a program that plots UK canals,

Continuing to add items from the Sid Bricknell collection of titles from Ashby School;

  • Wordease from Beebugsoft, a collection of Wordwise Plus Utilities,
  • Achieve, a program to record pupil marks from S&S Software,
  • The Co-op Game, a Business simulation of running a Co-op store,
  • Whinlatter Visitors' Centre a Forestry Commission title,
  • Slick! from BP, a conservation game. This brings back memories; we installed it on our Econet. It was quite hard to complete I believe.
  • ITV Progs 1990, a Key format database for the Summer Term,
  • Maths Games Disc 1, a compilation,
  • Maths Games Disc 2, a compilation,
  • OrdMap, MidTown and Geography programs from Telsoft,
  • Geography (A61) a compilation disc,
  • Javelin, a control application,
  • Crosses (A37), a compilation of Maths and English programs,
  • Ashby Maths Disc (A39), a compilation of Anita Straker programs; This included five programs missing from the archive. These were;
    • Partition
    • Tens and Ones
    • Odds and Evens
    • Target
    • Lines

A further items have been added to the Oddments section. A new section, Teletext, was created. This will showcase Teletext databases and display software.


Continuing to add items from the Sid Bricknell collection of titles from Ashby School;

  • The Water Game from the Centre for Water Development Education,
  • Java Star, an adventure game from Shards Software,
  • DOS-BBC by BAKsoft, a utility to read PC format discs
  • Spelling, an Amateur program in four languages,
  • Roman Numerals, a Beebug magazine type-in,
  • Jiggit from ECL, a jigsaw program,
  • Robot (A255) a compilation,
  • Make a Wildlife Garden, from BBCsoft,
  • Learn to Type from EdSoft,
  • Ashby Disc (406), a compilation.


A number of items have been added to the Oddments section, including some disc copiers, and BBC-PC transfer programs.


Latest additions include items from the Sid Bricknell collection of titles from Ashby School;

  • Alphashoot, from  Dudley Metropolitan Borough Education Authority, a sequencing game,
  • The Directions Game from ECL,
  • Pairs, from  Dudley Metropolitan Borough Education Authority, a Pelmanism game,
  • Slide, a sliding block puzzle from Daines Software,
  • A Typing Tutor from Willow Software,
  • Hall of Mirrors an adventure game for young children,
  • The Forge, a huge, multi-disc simulation from Resource,
  • Journey to Bloblumpy, a Viewbook format adventure,
  • Masterfile II from Beebug,
  • Computer Tycoon, an amateur compilation of business games,
  • A demonstration disc from Keyboard Technology,
  • Infant Maths, a compilation of infant and junior maths programs,
  • Ashby Primary School Disc G, a compilation loosely to do with road safety,
  • Assessment and Report Writer from Hazeldine Software,
  • Castle Pack from MEP,
  • Scales from ECL,
  • Truck10 from Telsoft, a counting game.

Completed adding missing titles from the WROCC 2018 Derek N Baron disc collection. Titles recently added include;

  • A series of CAL discs compiled and mostly written by DNB,
  • Chemistry programs written by DNB,
  • Organic Analysis from Longman,
  • Engines and Electrics, a test for auto engineers,
  • Moving Molecules from Cambridge Micro Software,
  • Decomp from Longman - this has been MIA for a long time and is a program I used to use on the school network in the 1980s
  • Homogeneous Equilibrium from Longman,
  • Chemistry 13, a compilation of A-Level Chemistry programs,
  • Chemistry 19, a compilation of Chemistry programs,
  • Moles an explanation of the Mole concept from Boston Spa Comprehensive School, Wetherby
  • Understanding Physics - Thermodynamics, from Garland,
  • Chemistry Disc 1A, a compilation of chemistry programs,
  • Multiple Choice Questions, a chemistry exam resource for A-Level,
  • Radioactive Decay, a simulation.

Also added a collection of View files to the Oddments section as well as an Archive section for the raw collections of software collected from many sources.


Continuing to add missing titles from the WROCC 2018 Derek N Baron disc collection. Titles recently added include;

  • Annual Review System, an administration system for a school,
  • Humberside Annual Review System, an administration system for Humberside schools,
  • Probe, a PROBE sheet printer,
  • Timetabler, a timetabling program written for Allerton High School,
  • Prompt Writer from MESU,
  • Atomic Structures from MUSE,
  • Colour, an explanation of colour theory,
  • Vectors, games and tuition about vectors from CET,
  • Young's Fringes, an A-Level Physics program from MUSE,
  • Lock, a MODE 2 version of the program Locks; the date and programmer are unknown.


Various items were added to the Oddments section;

  • Chemistry worksheets in Acornsoft View format
  • Chemistry lesson plans,
  • Organic Chemistry notes,
  • Physical Chemistry Notes,
  • GCSE Coordinated Science student's booklet,
  • Laboratory rules,
  • View Professional,
  • Two discs of sampled sounds,
  • Music 03 compilation of tunes.

The WROCC 2018 Derek N Baron disc collection is being checked for titles missing from the Archive. This collection is now with the Computing History Museum at Cambridge. Titles added include;

  • Beebugsoft C,
  • Energy Efficiency Trials, what looks to be an amateur title to tally household energy expenditure,
  • Fontwise Plus from Clares, a NTQ printing utility,
  • Naming Organic Compounds, a Longman title,
  • Printer, a special needs program to print out large text documents,
  • Salter's Chemistry, a set of O-Level Chemistry programs,
  • Multifont NLQ from CJE Micros,
  • Sci, a word processor by P R Voke aimed at technical writing,
  • Some VELA programs,
  • UPview, a loader for HiView and HiBASIC,
  • Pride's Purge, a Longman History title


Various items were added to the Oddments section;

  • A disc-based 6502 assembler,
  • InterBase examples disc,
  • Key Aid,
  • Valiant Turtle control program

A number of discs were added to the Music area in the Oddments section and a Worksheets section was added. This section will hold BBC format word processor worksheets for a range of subject areas.


The latest additions include;

  • An amateur program for Domestic Accounts,
  • Sprite Generator from ScreenPlay; this software needs Disc Doctor to be in the BBC model B,
  • Open Sesame from Sulis software, a spelling game,
  • Turtle, an implementation of a Turtle programming language from Fuzzsoft,
  • Grammar an amateur title that teaches and tests English grammar,
  • Added Caption V3.02 to the exiting download; thanks to Chris from for sending the images,
  • Address Book, a very basic, amateur address book complete with bugs,
  • Music Synthesiser, a Beebug magazine type-in program,
  • Drum Machine, an amateur-written percussion application for the BBC.

The complete indexed archive of software showing the stages in developing the CommunITel Viewdata application has been added to the CommunITel page.


The latest additions include;

  • A set of Programmer's Utilities to the Oddments section; this includes a wide range of sort routines,
  • Science Fiction Quiz from Acornsoft,
  • Noteplay, a simple music program from the Micro User magazine,
  • Traffic, a pedestrian crossing simulation from Telsoft,
  • Navex, a navigation simulator from the Royal Yachting Association,
  • BBC Graphics Pad, an amateur title to draw using shapes; Light Pen compatible,
  • Digital Electronics from a company called Soft Ware

Further music additions were made to the Oddments section of the website.

The index was added to the Ian Birnbaum Assembler software in the books section.


The latest additions include;

  • A dis-assembler and disc debugger from Simonsoft,
  • Discmaster from Beebug, a disc utilities program,
  • Grafdisk from Clares, a graphics package,
  • Memo-Calc from Micro-Aid, a card index database,
  • Computer Club Utilities, a set of programmer's utilities,
  • CADVIS, a CAD design package from MEP,
  • Signals, an intriguing maths puzzle,
  • Endword from Telsoft, a literacy program,
  • Musicsoft's Synthesizer,
  • Record Keeper by Dialog Software, a simple card index database.

Added a music area to the Oddments section. Here can be found discs of BBC micro music playing music old and modern.


The latest additions include;

  • PCB, from Pineapple Software, a PCB board layout designer,
  • BBC Outside Broadcasts Finance Package quite an unusual title this one,
  • Function Key Strip Designer from Computer Repairs UK,
  • Faxfile Organiser, from Mewsoft, a Filofax page designer,
  • Design from Beebug, a screen designer,
  • An Introduction to Random Access Filing on the BBC Micro, the support disc for the book,

Added  to the Oddments section;

  • the software for the WS2000 MODEM,
  • GXR example programs,

Added the book, Assembly Language on the BBC Microcomputer, and its utilities disc.


The latest additions include;

  • Alpha and Vowels from Golem,
  • Lower School Disc LS3, an amateur compilation of programs for young children,
  • Cakes (LSI), an amateur compilation of literacy and numeracy programs,
  • Watch Your Weight, from Acornsoft,
  • One Disc Home Office, an amateur office suite,
  • Coincident Pair Microphones, a specialist audio application,
  • Spellcheck from Beebug,
  • Database Program from Gemini,
  • amateur programs, Axle Loading and Kate's Knitter,
  • S M Training Package, a comprehensive Music Technology package,

Cyclone v3.1 was added to the oddments utilities section; this is a disc cloner for the 8271 DFS.


The latest additions include;

  • DIYbase from EDIT, a card index database program for young children,
  • The Wizard Strikes Back from CSH, an adventure for young children. The software is wanted.
  • Merlin's Magical Shop an adventure from GSN,
  • WordPower, a word processor from Ian Copestake,
  • Flip, from Icon. This is a Pelmanism game to find a hidden word,
  • Visual Discrimination, from the MEP, a collection of matching activities,
  • Picture Music, from Sheffield LEA, a music program for young people,
  • Duckling's Dilemma, an illustrated adventure from Thornsoft,
  • Tile Mosaic, an art program from Cambridge Micro Software,
  • An illustrated adventure story, Tales from the Yorkshire Bank,
  • School Disc LS2, an amateur compilation of literacy and numeracy programs.

The Wanted page has been updated and a 'Program Wanted' screen has been added for those archived programs where the software is still needed.


The latest additions include;

  • From Golem Software Maths 1. Only one program from this title is archived,
  • Quest Adventures from AUCBE, an add-on to write adventure game for the Quest database,
  • Let's Explore Paris from CSH,
  • The documentation for Dinosaurs, another CSH title,

The documentation for the British Leyland Fillet & Billet Game has been updated.

In the Magazines section the Computing Today issue for September 1985 has been scanned and uploaded and the index updated. These later issues are scarce and the September 1985 issue recently sold for 80 (That is 1.60 per page!) and the October 1985 issue reached 120. Hopefully these were exceptional and extreme prices.


The latest additions include;

  • Titles from ESM;
    • NumberCopter, a collection of matching programs for young children,
    • Pick a Word, a collection of early years literacy programs,
  • The Sea, a collection of sea-related programs from Fernleaf; this only works on a BBC Master,
  • Card Sets, a mathematics program from the Fife Educational Resource Centre (FERC),
  • Titles from the Fife Microcomputer Unit;
    • Make a Set a program to practice counting and making sets for young children,
    • Fife Spell, a spelling test based on letter patterns,
    • Fife Story Book, a multimedia story book for young children,
    • Fife Wordsquare, a simple wordsquare program,
  • An amateur compilation, Business Programs 1, containing Acornsoft and Gemini titles,
  • a set of files to support the book "Beginner's BASIC for the BBC" by Alan Marshfield and published by Glentop,


Updated the website to include a Wanted page, listing items especially wanted by the Archive. Other minor cosmetic modifications were made.


The latest additions include;

  • Pre-LOGO Selection 1, from EDIT, a number of simple programs to introduce the idea of programming,
  • Early LOGO Activities 2, from EDIT, a number of simple programs to introduce the idea of programming,
  • Titles from ESM;
    • Copywrite, a Developing Tray clone,
    • Hand on Spelling, a concept keyboard driven spelling program,
    • Mapping Skills, a Geography map-reading package,
    • WordWeb, a young person's illustrated dictionary/thesaurus,
    • Word Sequencing, re-arrange words into the correct order (in German as well),

The RISCOS section has been expanded by adding an educational page for unprotected software.

A Micro-Scope Software Special, an introduction to control on the Archimedes computer has been added to the magazines section.


Added an Econet section to the Oddments page. This is intended to include items related to Econet. The first inclusion is a user menu system backup disc from Netherhall School, dated 1987.

Fillet and Billet, a large business simulation game from British Leyland Systems Ltd, complete with documentation, has been added to the educational archive. I was still using this game until 2015.

Several titles from Shiva were added. These titles were courtesy of ScaryBeasts of the StarDot forums;

  • Decisions, the 3rd title in the Logic series from Shiva,
  • Ordering, the 4th title in the Logic series from Shiva,
  • Differences, the 5th title in the Logic series from Shiva, a set of logic games,
  • Playing with Places, the 3rd title in the Shiva Numeracy series,
  • Happy Times, the 4th title in the Shiva Numeracy series,
  • Shares for All, the 5th title in the Shiva Numeracy series,

It has been a while since the last update. The recent warm, dry weather has seen intensive painting of the windows at the Archive and this has impinged on the archiving activities. A loan of a box of unsorted floppy discs donated to the Centre for Computing History, Cambridge from Netherhall School was gratefully received and nearly a hundred digital images were made. Many new titles were discovered.

Additions to the archive include;

  • A disc of assembly language programs to support the book 'Assembly Language Programming Made Easy' by Ian Clarke and Andrew Pusey,
  • Some re-issued titles from EDIT, courtesy of Scarybeasts from the StarDot Forums,
    • Branching and Sorting,
    • DataShow,
    • First Facts,
    • Pre-LOGO
  • From the Netherhall School collection;
    • Similar Objects from Cambridge Micro Software,
    • Pen Down added to the BBC ROMs section,
    • Special Needs software from an ADFS archive of software by P J Congdon,
      • Early Skills,
      • Developing Skills,
      • Maths 9 - 13, an Anita Straker compilation,
      • Skills 3

Continuing additions from the Flax Cottage disc collection;

  • A couple of NORICC titles;
    • Crossword Call Up, a crossword puzzle program,
    • More About Me, an extension to the MEP program About Me,
  • Farm from MEP, a concept keyboard controlled adventure game,
  • Macbeth and Twelfth Night, revision guides for the Shakespeare plays from Penguin,
  • A number of Acornsoft titles;
    • Database, a simple flat-file database,
    • Spooky Manor, a four player adventure game,
    • Temperature Control Simulation,
  • From BES the following were added;
    • World-Wise,
    • Map Rally,
    • Timeman Two
  • A Remedial Support Disc from the Bradford Remedial Teaching Service
  • The support disc of programs for the Advanced Sideways RAM Guide Book by Bruce Smith has been added to the Oddments section.


The manual for LTS Harlequin has been found! Thanks to billcarr2005 from the StarDot forums for the PDF.

Continuing additions from the Flax Cottage disc collection;

  • Moving-In from Mushroom Software, a special needs literacy title,
  • Exploring a Nature Trail from SEMERC, requires a concept keyboard,
  • From New Concept Software Ltd.;
    • Food Tests, virtual tests for food components,
    • Gentic Detective, a genetic mystery game,
    • Mitosis and Cell Division, a teaching aid covering animals and plants,
    • Animal Help, a help ROM for animal classification,
    • Chordate Help, a help ROM for chordate classification,
    • Plants Help, a help ROM for plant classification,
    • Plant Tissues Help, a help ROM for information about plant tissues.

      Added the New Concept software ROMs to the BBC ROM Archive.


Continuing additions from the Flax Cottage disc collection;

  • From Mirrorsoft;
    • Word Games with the Mr Men - a collection of literacy games for young children,
    • Here and There with the Mr Men - a collection of puzzle games for young children,
  • My Secret File by Mosaic Publishing Ltd, a databank for storing facts about oneself,
  • Cut'N'Val from MP Software, an Arithmetic and logic drill program,
  • Early Numbers from Mr Chips, a compilation of seven individual tape programs on numeracy.

2500 programs now archived!

Continuing additions from the Flax Cottage disc collection;

  • The MAPE Language Disc, a collection of early years literacy programs,
  • Stylus, a word processor for young children using keyboard, speech or a concept keyboard for input,
  • From Mirrorsoft;
    • Hi Bouncer - a game featuring Mr Bounce,
    • Crack It! Towers - an adventure game involving various educational problems to solve,



Added the book Advanced Graphics with the BBC Model B Microcomputer along with the cassette tapes to accompany the book.

Also added from MacMillan Software were;

  • King of the Castle, a literacy game for the BBC Model B,
  • Snakes and Ladders, a literacy game for the BBC Model B,
  • Tail End, a literacy game for the BBC Model B,
  • The Clown, a literacy game for the BBC Model B,
  • Assembly Language Programming on the BBC Microcomputer, the cassette tapes to accompany the book.



Continuing to work through the disc archives. The latest updates include;

  • Farm Lorry from Primary Programs Ltd, a business game and a problem solving game,
  • Activities in English: Level 1 a set of simple word and sentence activities from J & G Software,
  • Brimble Hill Touch Screen Software for the Microvitec 501 Touchscreen,
  • Early Years Touch Screen Programs from Lancashire IT Services,
  • Versatile Therapeutic Activity Software from Locheesoft, a maze game,
  • Pen Down Adventure Writer from Logotron,
  • Problems with Patterns and Numbers from the Shell Centre,
  • Edspell, a word processor from LTS,
  • Harlequin by LTS,
  • Maths Talk from LTS, a concept keyboard maths title.

Now working through the many hundreds of disc archives collected over the years. These include commercial releases as well as amateur compilations. None of the programs will come with documentation. The latest updates include;

  • Elm Tree Farm, from the Manchester SEMERC, a graphical adventure game,
  • Music from Scotsoft, a simple music editor/player,
  • Pangle 3 from S & S Software,
  • Weather Report, from Queensland Department of Education,
  • A number of titles from Micropower;
    • Chemistry, a game based on the periodic table of elements,
    • Physics, questions and information about areas of Physics,
    • Junior Maths Pack,
    • World Geography,
    • European Knowledge,
    • Where!,
  • Which Salt, an amateur title from Driffield School, Derbyshire,

The latest updates include;

  • Rise and Shine, Safety, Summer Holiday, Survive and Timetables from SMDP
  • Best of Dialsoft 1, an amateur collection of Dial Software programs,
  • Best of Dialsoft 2, an official Dial Software compilation,
  • Anagram, from Dial Software,
  • Typing Tutor 3 from Context Computing,
  • Mind Bender from Dimax,
  • Remedial Education A, an unofficial compilation of Dial Software titles.

The latest updates include;

  • The Machinery is Missing from SEMERC, a natural language control system for models,
  • MeLogo from SEMERC, a method of controlling Logotron LOGO using a switch or a concept keyboard,
  • First School Programs, from Bagust & Pelling aimed at young children,
  • Development Centres 1, a compilation disc from SMDP for teachers' centres,
  • Coin Set from Syndicate Software Ltd,
  • Shapes a graphics package from SMDP,
  • Paper Round from SMDP,
  • Reveal from SMDP,
  • Doll and Drum and Odd One Out from Griffin Software (thanks to Lurkio,Scarybeasts and Vanekp of StarDot forums for help with archiving the tapes).

The latest updates include;

  • Mathematics O-Level Revision II from Shield Software,
  • Fun Academy from Shards Software, a compilation of 21 literacy and numeracy programs,
  • Laser Letters from Shards Software,
  • Science from Shards Software,
  • Touch Explorer from SEMERC,
  • Crooks a database to explore using List Explorer from MESU

The latest updates include;

  • Education 1, an Amateur compilation from Ambleside Primary School,
  • Shirley Conran's Magic Garden, from Acornsoft,
  • Graphs and Charts from Acornsoft,
  • Business Games from Acornsoft,
  • Personal Money Management from Acornsoft,
  • Printworks from Softime,
  • Sixth Sense from SCET,
  • French on the Run from Silversoft,

The latest updates include;

  • School Fax, a demonstration teletext system from Watercress Software,
  • Decider, a decision making program from Crows Nest Publications
  • Spellbound/Besieged, Wordpower and Time Traveller from Sulis Software,
  • The Complete Time Teacher from Carron Practicals/Carron Software,
  • A Simple Introduction to Numerical Analysis from Adam Hilger Ltd,
  • Silicon Vision 3D SolidCAD.

Added the final images from the iancr77 collection;

  • Data Protection Act, a Microtext presentation about the 1984 Data Protection Act,
  • MICAD from Heineman, a 2D and 3D CAD package,
  • Big Brother from CLASS, a program to aid study of the book '1984',
  • The Game's the Thing from COIC,
  • Mathematics Second Step - Addition from Ginn; this is a CSH title,
  • Personal Computer Software Package BBC-B from Festo Didactic, your guess is as good as mine!
  • Star Map from Heineman,
  • The Hotel Servant from Avon Data Systems,
  • Hamlet from Akademias,
  • Uniformly Accelerated Motion from BBCSoft,
  • Beam Analysis from Technisoft.

To the Oddment section I have added AlCopy, a disc copier, formatter, verifier and editor.


Added more images from the iancr77 collection;

  • Pitman Typing from Pitmansoft,
  • Understanding Physics from Garland Educational Software,
  • Personnel Records from MEP,
  • A compilation of educational programs designed by Neath College,
  • Competence Analysis Program from Neath College,
  • Budget from Educational Catersoft,
  • Interfacing Programs from Hutchinson,

Robico Pearls by Robico Software; this is a collection of literacy and numeracy games for young children. The manual has been completely re-typeset for the archive.


Added more images from the iancr77 collection;

  • French Language from EDUCA, a series of tests on French vocabulary and grammar,
  • Just a Mot and Tense French from Sulis Software,
  • Aliphatic Reactions and Aromatic Reactions from Science Education Software Ltd.,
  • Menu Master from Shumwari Associates,
  • Airline Booking System from Addison-Wesley,
  • Census from Addison-Wesley.

More special issues for the MAPE magazine, Micro-Scope were added.

Old MacDonald's Farm, a title from EDIT has been added. Thanks to Scarybeasts from the StarDot forums for archiving the title from a severely damaged disk.


Added more images from the iancr77 collection;

  • UCCAPlan 88, from Tutorial Software, guidance on university entry for 1988,
  • PCASPlan 88, from Tutorial Software, guidance on polytechnic entry for 1988,
  • CRCHPlan 88, from Tutorial Software, guidance on entry for teacher training for 1988,
  • News Extra from Shropshire LEA,
  • Welcome Disc for the Plotmate range of plotters,

Caption - the Christmas 1988 demonstration screens

Also included in the Oddments section;

  • the demonstration disc for the ADE ROM from System Software,
  • Technomatic's EPROMmer 2 software,

Added a floppy disk doubler (Duck) to the projects section.


Added more images from the iancr77 collection;

  • Tutor from Akademias, a framework program for revision and questions on various subjects,
  • Compas Advanced Projections, a plotter utility for the British Thornton CAD suite (image incomplete),
  • Fitness Suite by Earlgate Computers,
  • Order! Order! by CLASS, a literacy program,
  • Yarns by CLASS, a Teletext emulator,
  • BTEC Record Keeper from R S Ball,
  • Energy Crisis from R S Ball,
  • Economics Multiple Choice from R S Ball, a collection of multiple choice quizzes on Economics,
  • Supply and Demand, Economics programs from Beecon Educational Software,
  • National Income Models, from Beecon.

Also included the ORAC Cross-assembler software to the Oddments section. I know nothing about this software but include it for anyone who does.


Added more images from the iancr77 collection;

  • Outcome, a literacy program from CLASS,
  • Writer, the editing/creation program for Outcome above,
  • Spain after Franco, a Spanish vocabulary title from Camsoft,
  • Class Management Exercise, a Business Simulation from Sapphire Systems,
  • Multiple Choice Test Maker from RS Ball,
  • Computers Information Awareness, from Pitmansoft,

Added the documentation for the Print utility in the Oddments section


Added more images from the iancr77 collection;

  • 5 Star Awards for the Amateur Athletics Association,
  • Neath College Restaurant Booking System - from BARF Software,
  • Westminster Economic Model - an Economics title from an unknown source,
  • Circuit - an electronic design package from Capital Media,
  • Print - a utility for sending a file to a printer added to Oddments,
  • Chemistry Software 1 - from Pitmansoft, a collection of A-Level Chemistry programs,
  • Discounted Cash Flow - R S Ball publication, a business title.

Also added Keyboard Programs by Alan Nixon, a collection of Special Needs and/or Early Years programs


Added more images from the iancr77 collection;

  • Cycles in Nature - from Cygnet Software,
  • Enform - the Econet compatible version of the Notts CC Inform database,
  • Inform 3 - version 3 of the Notts CC Inform database,
  • German - from Camsoft,
  • Momentum and Impacts - a two disc A-Level maths title from John Wiley,
  • Linear Motion - a two disc maths title from John Wiley,
  • Friction - a two disc maths title from John Wiley,
  • A number of Acornsoft Business Suite titles (really business software but used sometimes post-16);
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Invoicing
    • Mailing
    • Order Processing
    • Purchasing
    • Stock Control
  • A  Viewdata Terminal Emulator from PRESTEL Education

Also updated the Cambridgeshire Software House page to include a reference to Expedition to Saqqara. Sorry, no download is available for this title.


Added more images from the iancr77 collection;

  • A series of MEgaCyCAL titles; these are almost identical to SciCAL programs - were these the same publisher?
    • Ampli - looking at single-ended and operational amplifiers,
    • AtoD - investigating the various methods of A to D conversion,
    • D-Logic - investigations into common logic functions,
    • Data Conversion - looks at numerical conversion methods for data in digital electronic systems
    • DC - investigations into circuits using resistance and meters,
    • Digital Devices - A collection of programs taking a virtual look at digital devices,
    • DtoA - investigating the various methods of D to A conversion,
    • FRESP - looking at the frequency response of filters and amplifiers,
    • OpAmp - investigations into the properties of operational amplifiers,
    • Waves - investigations into oscillations, longitudinal and transverse propagation of waves.

Things have been busy here since the last post. All the discs from the iancr77 donation have been examined and any discs of software missing from the Archive have been digitally imaged. The result is that about 200 new packages have been preserved and are ready to be added to the Archive.

The 'Oddments' section of the website has been re-organised into separate sections to make using this section more logical. A number of additions to the 'Oddments' section have been made. These include;

  • MACEmail - an Econet-based email system,
  • The Opus Disc Utilities,
  • Teaching Computer Control - a number of procedures to use in your own programs which use the Analogue and User Ports of the BBC micro,
  • Microvitec Touchtec 501 system disc
  • Beasty Servo Control programs,
  • Watford Diagnostics Disc - to check the performance of your BBC micro,
  • A VELA Analysis package to work with the VELA interface box,
  • Using Wordwise Plus - the disc of software to complement the book of the same name,
  • Wordwise Plus Programming Ideas - from Norwich Computer Services to provide help with using Wordwise Plus

Latest additions from the iancr77 archive include;

  • from Garland Computing;
    • Muscles - teaching/revision notes,
    • Joints - teaching/revision notes,
    • Dieting,
    • Teeth and Dental Care - from the General Dental Council,
    • Transpiration - one I used to use back in the day but never realised it was a Garland title.
  • from MacMillan Education
    • German - games to help understand German,
    • French - programs to help understand French



Continuing to work through the archive of the iancr77 collection of discs, the latest additions include;

  • A number of titles from Longman, unfortunately without documentation;
    • A-Level Electric Pack
    • Biochemistry Pack
    • Heredity Pack
    • MicroDiet
    • A-Level General Physics Pack,
    • Ecology Pack

Continuing to work through the archive of the iancr77 collection of discs, the latest additions include;

  • A-Level Economics Multiple Choice Questions 1 - from RS Ball
  • A-Level Economics Multiple Choice Questions 2 - from RS Ball
  • Physics Pack 1 - from Longman; this is part of the Warwick Science Simulations series,

In addition the provisional manual for the CommunITel Viewdata System has been added to the dedicated Communitel page.



Continuing with the archiving of the iancr77 collection of discs, the latest additions include;

  • Study Skills - a text-based program giving advice on study skills,
  • French Mistress - from Kosmos Software, a new disc version added to the download,
  • Millikan - from GSN Educational Software; a simulation of Millikan's experiment.
  • Graph/Stats - from RS Ball, a statistical graph/chart program for sets of data.



Continuing with the archiving of the iancr77 collection of discs, the latest additions include;

  • Sums - a set of four discs of programs covering topics suitable for A-Level mathematics,
  • Various utilities and programming discs added to the Oddments section of the website,
  • The Times Network System system disc added to the Oddments section,
  • Percy - a computerised prospectus for college courses.



The Archive has been very fortunate to receive a huge donation from iancr77 from the StarDot forum of about 300 floppy discs of educational material. The discs originate from Neath College in Port Talbot, Wales. Unhappily the discs appear to have been stored in a damp environment. The labels on many show ink runs due to damp and their disc surfaces are covered in fungus or a film of dirt.

Thankfully the collection of discs includes a number of copies of some titles so that in most cases all the files and data are able to be extracted using both copies. Some discs, though, were too far gone to be rescued (when the magnetic coating flakes away nothing can be done).

Unfortunately the discs came without documentation and this is essential to many titles. If anyone has any of the documentation and can email pdfs or scans these would be very gratefully received, thanks.

Despite the poor storage conditions of the past a very large number of titles have been recovered and are being added to the archive continuously. The latest additions include;

  • Yorkshire and Humberside Association of Further and Higher Education Project programs for staff and student training,
  • Gas Board - from ICL, a simulation of the use of computers in a gas board,
  • Cloze - from LTS, a cloze passage generator and on screen player,
  • Kitchen Raiders - from John Lyons, a game based on multiple choice quizzes on cookery,
  • PRESTEL Demo Disc,
  • MicroViewdata fro Tecmedia, an offline viewdata program,
  • Electrolysis (COM59) - from AVP,

Further titles from the Scottish Microelectronics Development Programme have been archived;

  • Context - a simple text editor
  • Datafile - a flatfile database
  • Eating for Health - a look at your diet
  • Findword - solve word squares using a concept keyboard for input
  • Food for the Family - a shopping simulation
  • Keyboard Skills - a series of simple games to help improve keyboard skills
  • Music - create and play tunes,
  • Mystery - work out what the mystery thing is from the given clues,
  • Operation Konlee - a space adventure game

A further MAPE special edition booklet to complement the Micro-Scope magazine was added;

  • Multimedia,

Activity has included some software titles from the Scottish Microelectronics Development Programme;

  • Art and Design - a drawing package for use with a concept keyboard.
  • Bank - a simulation of common banking activities.
  • Clocks - practice telling the time using the concept keyboard.
  • Coins - use coins to answer money questions; concept keyboard controlled.
  • Colourword - a simple junior word processor controlled by a concept keyboard.

MAPE special edition booklets to complement the Micro-Scope magazine were added;

  • Special Education,
  • Christmas 1990,
  • Technology,
  • LOGO - including the GO LOGO insert; GO is the magazine of the Valiant Turtle Users Group,
  • Picture Builder/News Bulletin,

Thanks to a kind loan from Stevei2791 from the StarDot forums the following titles have been added;

  • Midland School Bank - a simulation of running a school bank.
  • MicroStory - a story writing toolkit from ESM.
  • AQA Unit Accreditation 6B - an amateur program which creates Unit Accreditation proposals and prints them out.
  • Design 7 Plus - an interesting title from M/B Software; this allows the design of MODE7 screens and their conversion to a BASIC program.
  • Balance Your Diet - a title from Cambridge Micro Software.
  • Aztec/Masterword - two games of logic and deduction from ESM.

In addition a number of MAPE special edition booklets to complement the Micro-Scope magazine are being added.


The latest additions to the archive include Micro-Scope magazines issues 42 - 50.

Issues 1 & 2 and 11 to 24 are still missing from the archive. If anyone has those issue and can provide scans or loans this would be greatly appreciated.

Also added another title from HS Software, CarryAdd, which offers practice at simple addition and subtraction. This title is courtesy of billcarr2005 of the StarDot forums, who cracked the disk protection. The Archive has also been contacted by David Snipp, the author of this title, and a meeting has been planned once the Covod-19 lockdown is lifted.



Thanks due to billcarr2005 of StarDot Forums for sending a copy of the disk version of Look Sharp! This has been added to the software download.


The next update includes a number of missing titles sent to the archive by the Mekon from the StarDot forums.

  • Look Sharp! - a Widgit Software title published by Mirrorsoft. Converted to disk by the archive. These are matching games for young children.
  • Numerical Methods - an advanced level mathematics title from Nelson.
  • Graphic Calculus 1: Differentiation - a Glentop title looking graphically at the gradient of a graph and differentiation.
  • Graphic Calculus 2: Integration - a Glentop title looking graphically at integration and differentiation.

The latest update includes titles from Dial Software Ltd. of Bristol.

  • Bells - a bell-ringing simulation and French vocabulary tester.
  • Dial Software Disc A - a compilation of mathematics and spelling software for young children.
  • Dial Software Disc D - a compilation of a range of programs.
  • Dial Software Disc E - a compilation of a range of mathematics and chemistry programs.
  • Dial Software Disc G - a compilation of a range of educational quiz games.
  • Dial Software Disc H - a compilation of language programs.
  • Numberhang - a collection of mathematical games.

The final packages from the Tom Moffatt loan selection are in the latest update. This includes the following titles;

  • Living with Computers Pack 1 - from Acornsoft. This updates the software from that title previously archived.
  • Target Scotland - a set of geography programs for Scottish students.
  • Numbers and Computation - an amateur compilation of programs demonstrating the computational facilities of a computer along with other supporting programs and Wordwise Plus notes for a Computer Appreciation course.
  • CEEFAX Emulator - a fully featured simulation of the CEEFAX service.

Continuing to add packages from the Tom Moffatt loan selection, the latest update includes the following titles;

  • Mail Order - an amateur program which is a fairly comprehensive simulation of running a mail order business.
  • Weather - from SMDP. A program that displays graphs and charts of weather data input by the user.
  • Computer Studies 1 - an amateur compilation of games and simulations for Girvan Academy.
  • Computer Studies from ICL. A set of three programs to do with Computer Studies.
  • Police National Computer - an amateur title which is a simulation of using the Police National Computer.
  • Living with Computers Software Pack 2 - from Acornsoft.

This update makes 2000 individual programs now online- quite a milestone!



Continuing to add packages from the Tom Moffatt loan selection, the following titles have been included;

  • Compas CAD System - a CAD package and CNC controller from British Thornton, the slide rule company. The download includes several discs with different versions of the software and includes the ROM and sample drawings.
  • CNC Lathe Programming Course - from ConcretEd, a two part computer assisted learning course.
  • DEMONs COMAL Programming Guide - a teaching aid for learning COMAL programming. This is the first title archived that is written entirely in COMAL.
  • Standard Science 1 - a compilation of commercial and amateur programs by the Ayr Division of Strathclyde Education Authority.



Continuing to add packages from the Tom Moffatt loan selection, the following titles have been included;

  • Plane Designer - this is a second version of the BBCSoft Plane Designer package, released by the parent software company.
  • Frame Designer - An amateur package for designing frames to go around technical drawings on a Plotmate A4/M plotter.
  • Point of Sale - a simulation of a Point of Sale till.
  • SIMCAD - a simple disk-based CAD package for the BBC micro fron OWL Microsystems.
  • Bike Insurance - from SMDP, a simulation of applying for motorbike insurance.
  • Home Banking Demonstration - a demonstration of the Viewdata home banking application.



Early January has been a busy time at the Archive. Some of the outstanding copies of Micro-Scope have been scanned and added to the archive. They include issues 39 (Summer 1993) to 41 (Spring 1994).

Thanks to Tom Moffat, who contacted the Archive recently and offered to loan a mass of missing titles he had rescued from a skip at his school when they were being thrown away due to the progress of IBM PC clones in the early 1990s. It will be a major job to archive these titles.

First off the mark is the addition of the documentation for the AVP titles , Physics (CYG010) - Measurement - Interestingly the disk was numbered CYG004 in the catalogue, (This documentation was badly 'corroded' due to sticky ink peeling onto the opposing page and needed significant 'tidying up'.), and Trigonometry (COM115). Documentation was also added for the Find Database from HUMMEC along with the original master disks.

The following titles were also added;

  • DCIRC from Pavic Publications which is a simple electronic circuit designer.
  • Teletext Pack, an early title from Beebug, which is designed to allow easy creation of MODE7 displays.
  • Tech Tracker from British Nuclear Fuels plc, a time travel adventure in which the player must rescue scientists.
  • Power Plan from British Nuclear Fuels, which gives the chance to run a virtual nuclear reactor.
  • Design and Technology Part 1 by BBCSoft a set of technology programs along with accompanying audio tapes.
  • Design and Technology Part 2 by BBCSoft a set of CAD, Business and Computing simulations and games.
  • Several titles from Linear Graphics Limited; these titles are designed to work with the Plotmate pen plotter;
    • LinChart, a bar/pie chart program to work with a Plotmate plotter.
    • Graph Fit, a program to fit experimental data to the correct graph.
    • LinSign, a utility to produce banners with large letters.
  • Lib-CAD from OWL Microsystems, a simple CAD program that works with a plotter.

There are still many titles from this loan left to add to the archive.


Latest updates include the following AVP titles;

  • Graph Sketching - draws graphs of exemplar or user-defined equations.
  • Kinetic Theory (COM160) - virtual experiments investigating aspects of kinetic theory.
  • Logic Gates - design and test circuits made from logic gates.
  • Timing Package - a collection of timing programs using either the keyboard or switches.
  • Statistical Tools - a set of programs to perform statistical analysis of experimental data.
  • Engine and Transmission - animated explanations of how an engine and gearbox work.

Welcome to the year 2021!

Issue 38 of the MAPE members' magazine Micro-Scope has been added.

Whilst cataloguing some of the vast number of floppy disk images held by the Archive a missing title from Sherston Software was discovered. This was Jolly Jack Tar, an animated series of lessons and quizzes aimed at teaching music theory to young children. This was a copy of the original disk and had been 'hacked' to remove the quite sophisticated protection used by this title.

Updates also include the following AVP titles;

  • Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine (COM170),
  • Electricity 1 - a series of questions about simple electric circuits,
 EITB (Engineering Industry Training Board)
  3076 programs
  1339 packages
  303 publishers
 Administration 36
 Adventure 87
 Art 38
 Biology 136
 Business 48
 Chemistry 189
 Classics 1
 Computer Science 183
 Design and Technology 42
 Economics 18
 Electronics 3
 English 60
 Gardening 2
 General Purpose 132
 Geography 101
 German 7
 History 40
 Literacy 311
 Mathematics 972
 Modern Foreign Languages 33
 Music 39
 Navigation 1
 Office Skills 3
 Personal and Social Education 26
 Physical Education 5
 Physics 128
 Problem solving 127
 Science 52
 Sociology 1
 Special Needs 198
 Training 2

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