A program to calculate self-inductance of air-cored coils
A manual coding form for TI-58/TI59 programs
TI-59 Manual
TI-59 Workbook
TI-58/TI59 links
TI-59 at Datamath Link to the TI-59 page at the Datamath Calculator Museum
TI-58/TI-59 Modules
The TI-58, TI-58c and the TI59 calculators were able to use library modules to improve the basic calculator functions. There were 13 official Texas modules and very many third party modules which customised the calculator for various applications. The library modules fitted into a socket on the rear of the calculator.
Module Function


1 Master Library - included with the calculator
Survival Guide
2 Applied Statistics
3 Real Estate Investment
4 Surveying
5 Marine Navigation
6 Aviation
7 Leisure Library
8 Securities Analysis
9 Business Decisions
10 Math Utilities
11 Electrical Engineering  
12 Agriculture  
13 RPN Simulator  
ETI June 1978 A comprehensive review from Electronics Today International


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