A collection of educational and computer related items that do not fit elsewhere.



Applications Information and programs to help use various applications for the BBC micro, such as Wordwise Plus or Interbase.
Archives These are the raw archives collected from various sources. They contain lots of material that is not catalogued in the main archive, such as developmental material, word processed documents, databases, etc.
Econet Software and support for Econet users. Includes utilities, fileservers, backups, etc
Graphics Graphics demonstration discs for the BBC micro
Hardware Details and support for various items of hardware used with BBC micro and Archimedes computers. These include, plotters, printers, control boxes, concept keyboards, etc.
Magazine Discs A collection of magazine cover discs for the BBC microcomputer. Cover discs for Archimedes computers can be found in the RISCOS section.
Miscellaneous These are titles that do not fall into any of the other categories on this page.
Music A collection of music discs for the BBC microcomputer
Programming Here can be found materials to aid the programmer of the BBC micro and Archimedes range of computers
Teletext Disc images of Teletext pages and software to display them.
Utilities Various utility programs that help with using BBC micro and Archimedes computers. These include disc utilities, troubleshooting software, etc.
Viewdatabases Disc images of Viewdatabases suitable for use with the CommunITel package and similar software.
Worksheets Word processed worksheets covering a range of subjects.
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